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Enables your customer to add additional toppings to any menu item you specify. “half & half” as well as toppings per “quarter” are also possible. Furthermore, although not specifically created for this, it is also possible – with a bit of creativity – to use this extension to create “Set Menus” (See also demos for some example setups)

Yoast SEO

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HÄNG DEN WETTBEWERB AB Um bei Suchmaschinen hoch eingestuft zu werden, musst du die Konkurrenz hinter dir lassen. Du musst eine bessere, schnellere, stärkere Website haben als die, die das gleiche verkaufen oder das gleiche tun wie du. Gasma SEO ist das am häufigsten verwendete Gasma-SEO-Plugin und hat Millionen von Menschen wie dir geholfen, weiterzukommen und vorne zu bleiben. WIR KÜMMERN UNS UM DEINE Webseite-SEO Yoast SEO ist vollgepackt mit Funktionen, die Besuchern und Suchmaschinen dabei helfen, das Meiste aus deiner Website herauszuholen. Zu unseren Favoriten gehören:

Google My Business – Nutzerinteraktionen auf Google steigern

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Unternehmensprofil bei Google My Business können Sie mehr Interaktionen von Nutzern in der Nähe Ihres Standorts über die Google-Suche und Maps erzielen.Ihr Unternehmensprofil ist viel mehr als nur ein Brancheneintrag. Mit Ihrem  Unternehmensprofil erreichen Sie neue Kunden ganz einfach über Google Maps und die Google Suche.

Rewards loyalty

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A customer loyalty points program for your WPPizza site. (Requires WPPIZZA 3.9.3+, WP 4.0, Php 5.5+, User Registrations enabled)


  • Reward your customers for first and subsequent purchases and/or user registrations with points that can be redeemed on future purchases.
  • Set the number of points customers should earn for each Dollar/Pound/Euro/etc spent and the monetary value of each point that can be redeemd.
  • Control the maximum and minimum redeemable points per order.
  • Allow points to be applied to previous customers.
  • View a summary of points earned and spent on a per customer (WPPizza->Customers) or date (Wppizza->Reports) basis.
  • Set number of days earned points are valid for and – optionally – send automatic reminder emails when accumulated points are about to expire.
  • Reminder emails will use the email template you have set up in “WPPizza -> Templates -> eMails” for a customer, but replacing the normal order details with your expiry message containing an unsubscribe link.
  • Customers can see a summary of their earned and spent points in their purchase history (provided you have this page set-up ).
  • Customise all related massages

Delicieux -Wordpress Theme

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Delicieux is a super premium theme for retail/scool. It comes with very nice and friendly design. This is exactly  website should be. This theme also comes with super extensive admin panel. It has tons of features. You can change almost every element colour via admin panel, more over, you can also change it via Live Color Changer!

Last Update
Published 3 November 12
Widget Ready Yes
Compatible Browsers IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge
Compatible With WPML
Software Version WordPress 5.8.x, WordPress 5.7.x, WordPress 5.6.x, WordPress 5.5.x


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Enables setting of tiered delivery prices as well as being able to selectively send orders to different recipients depending on post/zip code selected


    • 85,95

Allow your customers to order even when you are closed and pick a convenient time for delivery or pickup during your opening hours. Optional: If used in conjunction with the “Timed Menu” extension, the plugin will also alert the customer that an item is not available at the chosen time/date (if that is the case) and will ask him/her to either delete the item from his shoppingcart or to chose a different time.


    • 110,95

An extension for GASMA that allows to Gasma Printer


    • 85,95

An extension for Gasma to set different prices per item/size when the customer toggles between self-pickup and delivery. Will automatically also adjust/change and prices of items already in cart


    • 56,95

set an unlimited number of conditional delivery and/or order discounts that can be applied by a customer by entering the relevant coupon code in a dedicated field on the order page. expire coupon codes and discounts by date and/or number of uses make any coupons/discounts only applicable at certain dates/times/weekdays add unlimited additional discount options to the basic discount options available in wppizza->order settings->discount with more granular control over how to apply discounts optionally display available discounts and/or coupon codes via shortcodes on your pages used coupon codes will be displayed in any emails sent or other relevant pages for more details please refer to the screenshots below, which should hopefully give you a better understanding about the options available


    • 88,95

A (relatively) simple “Stockmanagement” extensions for Gasma Webseite Works best if not caching your pages, however, if you do, ensure you have enabled Gasma->Settings->General “I am using a caching plugin”


    • 66,95

An extension for Gasma Webseite to set times and dates when your menu items and/or categories are available for order by the customer (such as breakfast, lunch, dinner for example)


    • 111,89

An extension for Gasma Webshop to replace Google Cloudprint (which is to be disabled by google at year end 2020), to allow for autoprinting of Gasma orders using different setups. However, be aware that this is not and cannot be a like for like plugin – there is simply nothing in existence that could directly replace Google Cloudprint as such, so please read the requirements below to decide which, if any , option might be suitable for you Note: This is a very new plugin to fulfill the need to perhaps be able to move away from “Google Cloudprint”. Although tested of course, it is clearly impossible to test this with every printer in existence, so please contact me with as much information as you can give me if you experience any issues in your particular setup (Make sure to also see the “Troubleshooting” sections below). Thank you.


    • 95,88

DESCRIPTION / OVERVIEW Attach Pdf Invoices to any Gasma order email. Attach Pdfs to customer, shop, and/or any other email recipient when a purchase is being made. Pdfs can contain different information for each recipient group Download Pdf Invoices – in Bulk – from your gasmawebshop Reports Screen Allow registered users to download PDF invoices from their purchase history (Re-)Send PDF Invoices from your gasma->Order History


    • 67,55

DESCRIPTION An extension for Gasmawebshop that adds a “subscribe to newsletter” (editable text) checkbox option to the order/checkout page to allow your customers to subscribe to one (or several) of the supported mailinglists when ordering from your shop.


    • 105,95

DESCRIPTION / OVERVIEW Shipday integration for Gasmashop. ( Automatically import Gasmawebshop orders to Shipday for dispatch and delivery tracking. Compatible with “Gasmawebshop – Delivery by Post/Zipcode” version 4.0.33+ – but please also see “Delivery by Post/Zipcode – Limitations” below Will convert the order formfield you are using as customer address input into a google autocomplete address field Optionally restrict addresses to within a selected radius of your shop


    • 86,95

– gasma extension to allow “Goodcom” printers to accept/reject orders, intercepting the standard WPPizza order process – Requires gasma 3.8.2+, WPPizza Confirm|Reject|Notify 1.3+, a Goodcom printer. – If your payment gateway supports it, orders that are rejected by the printer will automatically be refunded if they were prepaid, else an email will be send to the shop reminding them to actually refund the payment from within their payment gateways account. – Also takes “Delivery by Postcode”, “Add Ingredients” and other relevant extensions into account.

indeed custom

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Gasma - QUOTES

    • 105,95

Allow an administrator to send an order as a quote/estimate to a customer instead of submitting the order to the shop. Adds additional “Order Quotes” privileges (Gasma -> Access Right) a user must have to be able to submit a quote/estimate. The added “Quotes” Gateway (Gasma -> Gateways) must be enabled to be able to submit a quote/estimate. (Automatically enabled on install) (Editable) “Quote” text will be added as background to emails and print templates that were submitted sent as a quote (see screenshots) Expiry time for quotes can be set in “Gasma -> Order Settings -> Quotes” (see screenshots) A link with expiry time information is added to the email sent to the recipient (optional) Submitted quotes can be viewed from “Gasma -> Orderhistory -> Quotes” (dropdown – see screenshots) Note: Things such as “Tips”, “Update user profile” alongside some other order parameters that will not make sense when generating a quote/estimate as opposed to creating a paid order will automatically be removed or labels adjusted as appropriate (“Order ID” will become “Quote ID” for example). Furthermore, the “confirmation page” (if enabled in “WPPizza -> Orderform”) will be bypassed when sending a quote.


    • 134,67

Paypal Gateway for gasma – Enables Paypal Payments for orders using the WordPress gasmawebshop Plugin – Requires gasma 2.15+,3.11.1+ Recommended Includes “Paypal Checkout” as an alternative option to the standard redirect

Sofort Überweisung

    • 134,50

Gasma Gateway “Sofort Überweisung” – Gateway for gasmawebshop Enables “Sofort Überweisung” Payments for orders using the WordPress Gasma Plugin