Gasma – QUOTES

Allow an administrator to send an order as a quote/estimate to a customer instead of submitting the order to the shop.
Adds additional “Order Quotes” privileges (Gasma -> Access Right) a user must have to be able to submit a quote/estimate.
The added “Quotes” Gateway (Gasma -> Gateways) must be enabled to be able to submit a quote/estimate. (Automatically enabled on install)
(Editable) “Quote” text will be added as background to emails and print templates that were submitted sent as a quote (see screenshots)
Expiry time for quotes can be set in “Gasma -> Order Settings -> Quotes” (see screenshots)
A link with expiry time information is added to the email sent to the recipient (optional)
Submitted quotes can be viewed from “Gasma -> Orderhistory -> Quotes” (dropdown – see screenshots)
Note: Things such as “Tips”, “Update user profile” alongside some other order parameters that will not make sense when generating a quote/estimate as opposed to creating a paid order will automatically be removed or labels adjusted as appropriate (“Order ID” will become “Quote ID” for example).
Furthermore, the “confirmation page” (if enabled in “WPPizza -> Orderform”) will be bypassed when sending a quote.

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